Fujitsu Announces Their First MeeGo OS Netbook, It’s Really Thin

Posted on 13. Feb, 2011 by Neil in Netbooks

Fujitsu LifeBook MH330 black caseThought MeeGo was dead with the recent changes happening over at Nokia? Well it’s not MeeGo for all intents and purposes will be carrying on, however Nokia’s role with the project for the future is cloudy at the moment. MeeGo if you didn’t know is a mobile OS project championed by Intel and Nokia. The MeeGO OS is a Linux based OS that uses a bit from Intel’s Moblin netbook OS and Nokia’s Maemo mobile platform.

But back to the news at hand, the other day in a short press release Fujitsu announced they will be launching a special MeeGo version of their LifeBook MH330 netbook, the original MH330 released back in early 2010 in select regions of the world.

The new MeeGo version of the MH330 won’t be altered specifications wise from the original except the body will measure 18.5mm thick (a decrease in size). Other than that the MeeGo flavored MH330 will have a 10.1-inch display and a Intel Atom processor.

At this time Fujitsu isn’t saying anything about areas of release for the netbook or even prices. All the info we could find are rumors that the MeeGo MH330 will be offered for 488 Singapore dollars when it’s launched. At this time Singapore is one of the few countries that has direct access to the original MH330 netbooks. The rumored price if true will only be cheaper than the Windows 7 Starter model by a few bucks (about $6).

You can for now check out the standard MH330 in the gallery below, note how slim the profile of the netbook is. [Press Release] [Via]

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  2. jack

    13. Feb, 2011

    for all intensive purposes?

    maybe you mean

    for all intents and purposes

  3. Neil

    13. Feb, 2011

    Yes I thought it sounded kind of weird at first but thanks for the correction Jack.

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